How did two local Canberra dentists became Bespoke Dental?

Here’s a little of our story

Bespoke Dental was founded by two Canberra dentists – Miranda and Jesse, and like anything of quality, took time to evolve.

With both happy to admit they work on the meticulous end of the OCD precision spectrum, they decided they could only provide their very best care in an environment allowing them:

  • Time to talk with patients.
  • Time to consider treatment pathways thoroughly.
  • Time to perform the best possible dentistry.

The result? Bespoke Dental.

As their Canberra dental practice has grown, Miranda and Jesse have assembled around them a team of like-minded professionals, who together, align to their values of preventive dental care delivered to the highest standard.

Meet your team

We’re a values driven practice

More than just words that say we’re a caring dentist, our values guide us through the work we do with every patient, every day.


With patient care, little things make a big difference. That’s why we sweat the small stuff.


Patients are our priority. We do what’s right for them.


We connect with our patients as people. That’s why we’re here.

Caring and Kindness

We treat our patients and team with kindness and respect. We care.

Have Fun

We take what we do seriously, but we have fun while we do it.