Discover the Bespoke Dental oral health assessment

It’s perfect if you’re confused about where to start on the journey to better dental health

When patients come to us, they are sometimes overwhelmed by their fear of the unknown.

The unknown can be many things, but usually it’s:

  • Fear of the pain associated with dental treatment (real or imagined)
  • Fear of what will be discovered by the dentist
  • Fear of how to manage dental treatment

Our 60 minute comprehensive oral health assessment is designed to allay those concerns and build understanding around three key relationships:

  1. The relationship between your teeth and your oral health
  2. The relationship between your dental past, present and future – what you envisage for yourself
  3. The relationship between your teeth, oral health and your confidence – because ultimately, we want you to feel good
Because we operate from the premise the best dentistry occurs when a preventive approach is taken, our comprehensive assessment is our foundation dental service.

What’s involved in our dental examination?

Unlike any examination you’ve ever taken, you can relax knowing you’ll come out feeling better than when you went in.

We like to think of this comprehensive service as a fact-finding mission. Communicating in a caring and non-judgemental way, we gather information from you via x-rays, photographs, a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, mouth and jaw, and the thing we love most: real conversation (yes, we really talk to you).

We then analyse the facts, devise a treatment pathway, and explain it to you in a way that makes sense – to you. Importantly, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss your options.

While we’re big fans of our comprehensive oral assessment, the biggest fans are our patients. How do we know? They leave this examination with a smile on their face.

It’s how we know where you stand with your dental and oral health – and having a plan for treatment – makes a huge difference to how you feel.

Want to know where you stand with your oral health?

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