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We take the approach that dental hygiene is a pivotal aspect of preventing disease and maintaining excellent dental health. Apart from seeing this in practice every day, we subscribe to the growing body of work that attests to the direct link between good oral health and good general health. In simple terms: look after your dental health and good health will follow.

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Once patients have been through our comprehensive examination process, we encourage them to become familiar with the benefits of good oral hygiene habits. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, this includes attending regular hygiene visits at the practice. We find that once patients start with these regular visits, we can’t stop them taking better care of their dental health.

Depending on the health of your teeth and your general oral health, we will recommend you make your hygiene visits every three to six months. Essential for maintaining general good dental health, your regular visit to our dental hygienist allows us to identify any issues and ensure correct measures are taken to avoid them becoming costly problems down the track.

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Most patients love their regular hygiene visit to us. Apart from keeping their teeth in good working health, it’s the perfect way to catch up with the Bespoke Dental team.

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