Root Canal Therapy

Few treatments in the dental realm cause patients as much concern as root canal therapy.

However, with advancements in technology and techniques, root canal therapy is now both faster and a more manageable experience for patients.

When we have patients who require this treatment we spend time educating them on all aspects of the therapy. We ensure they know what root canal therapy is, when it’s necessary and what root canal therapy involves.

Root canal therapy facts

Root canal therapy is treatment that saves a tooth and restores it to health through the removal of infection. Teeth with a history of significant decay and damage can become inflamed or damaged internally from deep decay, trauma or infection. This is when root canal therapy is prescribed.

The root canal procedure involves reaching the root canal system through the top of the tooth to remove infected tissue. Root canals are then filled and sealed, using specially designed materials. Typically completed over several sessions, recovery from root canal treatment rarely takes longer than just a few days. Following treatment, the best results are consolidated with a crown that protects the tooth.

We fully appreciate the anxiety many patients have with this therapy and we work with you to allay concerns, reassure and realise an ideal outcome: the second chance for your tooth.

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